Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dec 9

Today was a wonderful day. The teacher I was substituting for in the fall said I could come and read to the students whenever I'd like. I didn't have anything this morning, so I went. I was there a little less than an hour. I felt like a "rock star" when I entered the classroom. They shouted my name, hugged me, smiled, one asked if I could teach the rest of the day! :) I was glad to see them, too. I read them a book, visited with each child as they worked on morning seatwork. I was sad to leave all over again.
I got more Christmas cards done. I think I have about 80 completed and another 20 to go, possibly. I should be able to finish those up tomorrow and mail them out!
I got in a 4.04 mile run today, at around a 9 min. mile pace. It was raining which I like, but windy which I don't. :) It was nice to get a run in, anyway. :)
Then, this evening, we met some wonderful friends for dinner. We chatted at dinner over good food, and our kids visited, as well. Then we had them over at our house for another few hours of visiting.
I forgot to mention yesterday that I tried a new soup recipe. It was really very good, and quite easy! :) I t was taco soup, and on this rainy, cool day, it was the perfect lunch! :) I left out the olives because most of our family dislikes them. :)
I hope your day went well, too. Enjoy your Wednesday! :)

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Juls said...

That warm welcome sounds fabulous. Great job teacher!!!