Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Few Days

Dec 12 we all headed to my home state for my aunt's funeral. It was sad, obviously. Reminded me of how little I see family, and how much more I should. I was glad to be there for my grandmother (Dad's mom). Also made me wonder if this was just the beginning; as they are all in the same age group, some with health issues, the beginning of trips there for sadness...

Dec 13 we went out to the usual breakfast place with my grandparents, made two dishes to pass (my usual gooey bar recipe, doubled) headed off to my mother's mother's family get together. We had a nice Christmas visit with them, saw more people I hadn't seen in ages, but missed seeing my Uncle Duane who is ill.

After that party we ran some errands with my mom and dad, like to Meijer, Starbucks, all the necessities. :)

Then we headed to my Dad's Dad's party. (Yes, we got to see three branches from the family tree! :)) It was great to see this family, too. No, I wasn't tired of family, yet! We hadn't seen some of them in so long, and they hadn't seen my daughters! They couldn't believe how much they'd grown, and how little I still was! ;) It was good to chat with everyone, and trade photos and hugs, at all of the get togethers.

We headed back here after the party, arriving in our garage a little before midnight. Yawn! The girls were supposed to try to sleep on the way home, but didn't get much sleep in! :) I had read more At Home In Mitford to my husband as he drove. It made our trip go much faster!

Dec 14 We all slept in a little yesterday, cleaned house a little bit, the husband made a grocery run, headed to later church, went out for lunch, went home and finished up cooking, cleaning, and then our life/church group arrived for a potluck dinner. We made sloppy joes, fruit salad, finger veggies and dip, and other people brought the other goodies. We started at 4:30 and people stayed until almost 9! We had a wonderful time just visiting and laughing. A great holiday meal.

Dec 15 is today, and we have a busy afternoon! My youngest has piano, book club, basketball practice, and my oldest babysits the neighbor kids. I will be the "taxi driver". :) I also have wrapping and some shopping to finish.

I hope you have a wonderful day, this start of the week!

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