Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dec 20: Ouch!

I was the substitute for the class I did the longterm in, yesterday. Their winter party, a holiday movie, a book exchange, a spelling test, and wrapping their gifts for their parents meant a busy day. The kids were great, and I loved being back with them!
Then, on my way home I called my oldest, who arrives a few minutes earlier than I do, when I sub. She had been running on the treadmill, and was trying to pause the treadmill, hop off and answer the phone all at the same time. This resulted in an ouch! She fell and hit several places, with the belt still moving before the emergency key came out and stopped it. She has a raw spot on her knee, covering the kneecap, her whole shoulder, and her hand including knuckles. She also hit her head and face. The fall broke her glasses, and I thought she would have a black eye today. It's still red/bruised but in little spots. She has small bruises/red marks from just above her eyebrow to down mid cheek. She said her teeth were bleeding, so I was worried about that, but they don't seem to be discolored today (thank goodness!) Her lip is huge, however, the right side of her top lip is about 4-5 times bigger than the left side. She has the treadmill belt bump marks everywhere, too. She's sore today, but not as sore as I thought she'd be. She's lucky she didn't break anything! She will heal well, kids do, but I worried about her all evening! And we super glued her glasses back together. She's watching a Paula Dean cooking show right now.
We had a nice evening last night with my husband's family last night, pizza, singing, and games.
The night went quickly.
We don't have a lot going on this weekend, just wrapping, baking, cleaning, and healing! :)
I finished the book of Philippians yesterday and am starting on Romans, for my daily readings, now.
I hope your weekend has started off well!

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Christy said...

Ouch is right! Yikes! I'm glad she didn't break anything.

Last night must have been the night for injuries. Grace fell and hit right above her eye on the corner of Austin's foot board on his bed. She had a pretty big cut. Last night it didn't look too bad after it stopped bleeding, but this morning it was all swollen and bruised. It wasn't a very deep wound, but it was wide. I don't know if I should have taken her for stitches or not. I'm just going to keep the neosporin on it and hope it doesn't leave too big of a scar.