Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dec 3-Poor Dog

Today has been rather eventful. It didn't start out that way. All I had planned were the daily tasks (Molly, I just make lists, and yes frequently it's the same thing day after day! :) And no, I don't get everything done/organized all the time, I just keep trying. :)) I also had more Christmas cards on my list. I have planned that 25 per day should have them done by the weekend. Yesterday I wrote out 23, so I was close.
While I was working on some cards, our beagle got up, stopped oddly on the basement stairs (I was working in the basement and the dogs like to be by me when I'm home alone.) He stopped and looked like he was waving. Then he went into the kitchen and I heard him fall above me. I ran in to check on him and he was shaking, with a blank stare, couldn't stand. It seemed very much like a seizure. I was unnerved, which in turn unnerved our other dog, but I quickly shooed him away. I held the small dog until he seemed to calm, a bit. I tried to tempt him with a treat, which usually has him running to me, although today he didn't seem to even notice. I let him outside and he ran like his legs were on strings going in different directions, like he didn't have control of them. He "went" and then sat in the mulch shaking. I went out, got him, picked him up and carried him to a comforter we had in the basement. I checked on him throughout the morning, went to meet the hubby for lunch, came home. The dog always comes to greet me at the door (I really worked to overcome his indifference to me, and we've grown quite fond of each other. :)) He didn't come today after lunch. I was more worried, still. I went down and he didn't even lift his head. He didn't wag his tail, which is a signature response, as well. I talked to him, petted him, and he rested. Later, he snored, in a deep, deep sleep for quite a while. About four hours since beginning the episode, he got up, stretched, visited with my oldest daughter, now home from school, and I, and went to his pillow bed, where he lays now. Scary. Yes, he's a dog, but part of our family.
Although he has appreciated the attention, our other dog has not. He's barked at me, nudged me and let me know he did not like this a number of times, today. Today's photo for the December Daily scrapbook will be the dog/s, I think.Here is a photo of them last month. We have two beds, but they end up on the same one. :)
The lunch with the husband was very nice, and we went to Starbucks after, as well. Had a lovely time, kept me from worrying about the dog. However, I didn't get very many cards done today, although I did get some wrapping done.

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