Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dec 17

The girls headed off late to school today. They had a two hour delay due to two fronts of ice that came through last night. The temp was above freezing, then, and salt trucks came through, so it was fine when they headed out.
I finally finished updating my address book. I had been working on rewriting some of the pages, getting rid of phone numbers/addresses that I didn't need, adding new family that I sent cards to this year, since they moved or were married. I had been writing all the changes on notepaper, and I had quite a stack now that Christmas cards were done.
I've done my devotional and Bible reading for the day. Some days it really speaks to me, and other times, it's a thought/reading to mull over. Today's spoke to a goal of mine, something I hope to live by, and pray about. The reading was Romans 1:11, which speaks to our lives having an affect on others, either positive or negative, whenever we come in contact with someone. The verse was about your spiritual blessing you impart to others, or is imparted to you. The devotional was a reminder to have a positive influence on all you encounter, because that is what will spread. Also, it said to work at giving blessings/being a blessing rather than expecting to receive blessings from others. I really liked the words, and the thoughts are still sticking with me, obviously. :)
Yesterday I also sorted through my many contacts/email addresses. I have several that I don't know, they were attached to things people sent me or a "reply all" was sent and then they were new contacts. I also had several that were three emails for the same person, but I sorted through all those as well.
I haven't subbed at all this week. I haven't ran at all this week, although I have eaten plenty. :) I finally tried the new rib recipe yesterday, and it turned out yummy. We ate that and baked sweet potatoes. I baked them just like regular potatoes and I put a bit of butter and a bit of brown sugar on it before I ate it. We had fruit salad, as well. I'm still not sure what we're having tonight, though. :)
I hope your week has gone well, thus far! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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