Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dec 18

It's difficult to post when you're feeling stuck in the rut of the daily grind. Sometimes when the hubby calls to check in/say hello, he asks what I've been up to. Well, the dishwasher, laundry, tidying up, girls' schedules, paperwork... You know, the usual. Those things don't make for an interesting post, either. :)
Tonight we're heading to a party given by one of my husband's coworkers. Should be interesting and hopefully fun.
Yesterday evening, while the husband was working late, I went through the scrapbook magazine issues I was behind on reading. I had three sitting here and hadn't cracked one of them. I read through them all, well, I read through the first one and a half, then skimmed through the next one and a half. I ripped out the ideas I liked and articles I wanted to read more of, then recycled the rest. I felt inspired to scrapbook. I have time during the day,while the laundry's spinning, etc, but I feel guilty. Just sitting down and doing something fun, a hobby, when there's always work that can be done around here.
I've already done my devotional, which wasn't as moving as yesterday's, but my daily reading was from one of my favorite chapters, that I've learned so far: Philippians 4. Awesome. It has always been a chapter that speaks to my heart. v6 starts with Do Not Worry... I'm a worrier.
It is almost time to take my youngest off to school. I hope you have a thoroughly good Thursday and it is filled with smiles.... One week until Christmas! :)

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Juls said...

I think you've got your priorities just right. No worries.

I'll have to check out that passage you cited. Thanks.