Friday, December 05, 2008

December 5

My goal was to get 25 cards out per day, the first day I sent out 23 and yesterday I sent out 27! Yeah! Although, I have to sub this afternoon so I won't be getting as many done. I have to clean house this morning, too, as is my Friday morning ritual. :)
The beagle has been completely fine, even up to his usual mulch eating antics, yesterday. :)
The weekend plans are busy: the husband is going tomorrow to a college basketball tournament (two games) in another state with his father, brother, and brother's father in law. They leave at 9am and return at 9pm. Both girls have "scale olympics" for piano, where they play for judges tomorrow 11:15-1:15 or so. There is an auditorium where I have to sit and wait for them... although I do not get to hear them play, I just wait, which will be a great time for me to finish Christmas cards. :) My oldest did this two years ago, I think, and I finished quite a few cards that year. :) Only one problem, no beverages while in the auditorium waiting, so I will finish coffee in the car after getting them checked in at the registration table, then head to the auditorium. :) I also invited my mother in law and sister in law over for pizza tomorrow night, to pass the time, as well.
I am planning on getting a run in today at 11. I got the latest edition of Runner's World Magazine yesterday. It always inspires me to get back to running. It had a page on setting goals. It mentions telling others about your goals to hold yourself accountable to them. So, I have set mine.
  • Running 6 days per week by 4-24-2009 (my next birthday)
  • Running in the mornings-must make it a daily habit, because that's the time that works best for our family schedule.
  • Go to bed early (to get up early!)
  • Run a marathon in under four hours in 2009-probably the half in the spring and the full in October 2009
I set these yesterday and didn't get up today, thus the run at 11, which gives me time to drink my coffee this morning, get a run in and shower before reporting to the school office to sub. :)
Last night we went on a (very cold!) walk as a family in the dark. The dogs loved it. We went about 8 blocks, four out and four back. It was fun. I slept better last night than I had in a while. When we got home, our youngest made hot chocolate with marshmallows and, on her own, she drizzled chocolate syrup on the top-it was very pretty, restaurant looking! :)
That's all for this morning. I hope your week went well!

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Isabelle said...

Oooh. How very very energetic you are.