Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dec 2

Today, I organized presents, made a list of cookies that I want to bake this month-so a grocery purchase is now in order, started Christmas cards, just about finished laundry, ordered Chinese food for dinner (oh so bad for you, but delicious! :)) and got my devotional and Bible Study in. On a side note, I have been rereading At Home in Mitford (one of my most favorite books/series EVER!) and it encouraged me to read the book/s of Timothy, which I have never done. I spent some time in the Word today working on that, as well.
I watered our very thirsty, newly cut Christmas tree, too. So far it's drinking about two watering cans per day! :)
I also talked to my mom, who had her gallbladder removed yesterday. She's doing well and progressing nicely.
Just wanted to check in and say hello to the readers this evening. :)

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Molly said...

Your little white squirrel is cute! Wonder how he keeps his coat so clean? Wish I were as organized as you sound! Must make some lists too, to try to get my head under control---cookies, cards, gifts, laundry [always laundry!]and just the million and one piddling things that need to be re-done every day!I could really make progress if I could just feed the menfolk one gigantic meal on Monday that would take care of their nutritional and snacking needs for the week! But no, they want breakfast, and lunch, and dinner, seven days a week....how am I supposed to get anything done at that rate?? If you have the answer, let me know, asap!