Thursday, December 11, 2008

Book Club

The "Well Read Child" site author, Jill, will be hosting a book club, online, after the first of the year. I thought it'd be fun. You can read at your leisure without having to travel anywhere to discuss the book! :) Things are just getting started, so sign up if you're interested; You email Jill if you're interested, and books are just being suggested, right now. Our schedule can be busy around here, but I love reading and would enjoy an "assignment", to make me feel like I can sit and read-without feeling guilty! :) Join us if you're interested. Hope those regular readers can join! It'd be fun to read and discuss books! :)
Also, if you're not interested, but have a "great book" you have recently read and want to suggest, let me know! :)


Isabelle said...

Sounds fun but I don't know that I have time.

How do you always stay so cheery, Mom? I wish I had your secret. Missing my son so much this evening. Ah well.

Isabelle said...

Goodness, that sounds as if he's dead. How terrible. He's just two hours away but it feels a huge distance. Sorry to complain.