Monday, December 22, 2008

Dec 22

Yes, my cookie baking list is ambitious, we'll see if I actually accomplish it!
But, I'm going to try.

Today we have our oldest daughter's pre surgery appt for her wisdom teeth removal. We're hoping she doesn't have to have them removed considering the reason they gave us for removal was that the wisdom teeth were holding in her 12 yr molars. Two of her molars have begun to poke through in the last month, so... but they're both the bottom, so he may suggest just top removal? I would just like to hold off on surgeries if possible. :)

We also have to shop for a friend of my youngest daughter's, as her birthday is today and her party is tonight-an overnight.

We have a busy afternoon, as well.

We went to a women's college basketball game as a family yesterday, too. It was a rival game and our team won by twent points! It was a fun event for all of us, and our seats were pretty good!

Have also begun the thoughts on the "one little word" for 2009. Faith was my 2008 word and I really worked on it.

I am off to start the day! I hope your Monday is magnificent! :)

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Isabelle said...

Have a lovely Christmas - I'm so sorry about your daughter and hope she's completely better soon.

That sounded like a lot of cookies. No wonder you have to go out running!!!