Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dec 21

Our oldest daughter is healing. The weather is cold and windy. I need to get groceries-lots of them, including ingredients for Christmas cookies, and Christmas Eve dinner, as well as our annual Christmas Day meal. Our Christmas Day meal is a family tradition and it includes: sausage casserole (the casserole is made the day before so it can cook while the girls open Santa's gifts), cinnamon rolls (we tried making the husband's family recipe for about ten years and I wasn't successful, so I decided on Pillsbury :)), frozen fruit slush (we do this recipe with only frozen orange juice concentrate, not lemonade, which we let thaw while gifts are opened) and coffee! :)

I got in a 4.25 mile run yesterday. The wind and cold wore me out, but it felt good to finish it. I ran in a 8:16 per mile pace, and was very tired at the end.

The husband and I watched August Rush last night, and we both thought it was a wonderful movie. The music/soundtrack was excellent, as well.

We still have a little shopping to finish up and a few things to wrap, but other than that, baking cookies is all that is left on my list! :)

Tomorrow is the pre-surgery wisdom teeth appt for our oldest and our youngest has a birthday slumber party tomorrow night.

Hope your weekend is moving along nicely, but not too quickly! :)

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