Thursday, December 04, 2008

Just to get the day started

Some sites I'm looking at this morning:
  • Advent Conspiracy (Referred here to Stacy Julian's blog, am looking at it for the first time this morning.)
  • Running With Cancer (Way to go on finishing the Seattle Marathon, Michael!)
  • Addicted to Scrapbooking (sales and giveaways for the holidays)
  • Snapfish (Uploading pictures that I took of my nephews and niece when they came and played last night=lots of FUN! :))
  • Ali Edward's update on her December Daily (I wish I could be this creative and have it turn out so wonderfully!)
  • I've also done the usuals: email, Google Reader of my blogs I read daily, where I read arlo and janice comic, cnn, msnbc, espn, the sites I skim each morning.
The beagle is himself today, completely. I was warned yesterday by hubby (with info from coworkers) that this might be the first of many seizures... I wonder if he's had any before this, but I wasn't here to witness them due to subbing?

Will try to post more later.

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Isabelle said...

Oh dear, poor little dog and poor you. You sound as if you were very calm. I'd have been off to the vet like a shot. (This is how our Cassie Cat cost us £250 recently... vets don't come cheaply).