Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dec 10

December 10 was busy, although I didn't accomplish too much. :) I met a friend at Starbucks, whom I haven't chatted with in quite a while. I think we last got together, for longer than five minutes, before school started in the fall. We've talked via email, but it's not the same. :) We sat yesterday for two hours. It was the kind of get together where you both talk and visit and then you are surprised by how much time has gone by!
I left there and went on to my husband's work, picked him up and we went to lunch. It was a great lunch at a place I hadn't been to before. Was nice to spend some time with him yesterday.
Then I went home, changed into dress clothes, saw the kids get home from school, and talked to them a bit. The I headed off to conferences. I enjoyed sitting with the teacher and inputting where necessary. The teacher, of course, did an excellent job and didn't need me there; she knows the kids already very well. It's nice to have the experience of seeing it done, though.
Sadly, my parents called last night to say a great aunt had died. She had had an episode of cancer, had treatments and beat it, but then it came back a lot more aggressively. She was just rediagnosed before Thanksgiving. The funeral is tomorrow, and I feel I should go. This causes some logistics to figure out. One of our daughters is off school, due to conferences. The other is not. My husband should be working. But we are planning on heading to state I grew up in, on Saturday for family Christmas parties, also. It's a three and a half hour drive, so it is a lot to drive it there and back tomorrow, and again on Saturday. So, I'm still thinking on the "how"...
Today will be filled with conferences, so I'm expecting the day to go fast. Last night flew by. :)
I'm trying a new ribs recipe today. I hope it turns out ok. :)
Have a great Thursday!


Xav. said...

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Would you exchange a link with my site?

Ciao ciao from Italy

Juls said...

I'm sorry about your great aunt. I'm sure the right thing will come about and you'll just know what to do. Hugs and kisses from Juls to you.