Saturday, January 05, 2008

So much to catch up on!

We ended up accomplishing a lot over break, though not all that was on my list.
Had a very fun New Year's Eve: My in-laws had the four of us, my brother-in-law, his wife and four kids, and my sister-in-law. We all brought a little snack food, and our bed items. Then we played games, ate, played Wii, and had a wonderful time enjoying each other! We all slept over and my in-laws made a nice breakfast of fruit, cinnamon rolls and mini quiches. We had a great time! My oldest nephew had pink eye, but had been on drops, so he wasn't contagious. The only problem: my in-laws had been their babysitters the night before... carrying the pink eye contagions to us on our fun New Year's Eve. My daughters and I ended up with pink eye on Wednesday. We all had drops before we headed back to school on Thursday.
Thursday was our first day back to school. I am full swing into teaching first grade until February 15th. So far, it has been fun, but time flies so much faster than normal subbing! I have to do things, currently, that I don't normally as a sub, because I'm just there for a day or two. I have to do things like check the teacher's mailbox, email, set up the papers on the kids' desks for when they arrive in the morning, and making copies. It's been surreal... I have also gotten keys to the classroom and the office door to the mailboxes, a more permanent nametag. Normally they have a sticker that says your name written in pen. Feels so much like a permanent teaching position. I talked to the full time teacher whose position I am filling today. She was so sad, missing her kiddos and wanting so much to be there. I hope I can ease some of her worry by doing a good job for her. These kids are very "neat" kids! They are such special little people. Reminds me how much I love teaching and makes me nervous: to do a good job where I am now and to interview and have my own full time position. It's always been my dream, but seems so real, close. I even brought home papers to grade this weekend! :)
My schedule has been so full, after teaching is taking care of my family, that I have not ran in a few weeks. I feel myself becoming out of shape, out of breath faster. It's disheartening, but I haven't made the time to squeeze it into the schedule.
On Ali Edwards' site, she talks about picking "one word" to inspire you all year long; a word goal you'd like to have in your life. Hers were peace in 2007 and vitality in 2008. I am trying to decide on one for myself. Then I can post it in different places to remind me that it is what I'm working for all year, to better myself, to center myself. I will post when I decide on one. If you'd like to read more about it, here are some sites:
My mole removal turned out the same, with the atypical (pre-pre-cancerous) rating and the stitches were removed before we went back to school. The next one will be removed on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
One last thing, I read a good book before heading back to school. Regular readers know how I love the Mitford series by Jan Karon. She finished the series, which saddened me, but now she has started a new one, about the main character from the Mitford series, but about his past. Was another great read that I couldn't put down! It is called Home to Holly Springs. The books always make me feel warm, connected.
I think that's all from here. I hope those who read the blog that have been in a "blue" state of emotions these past few weeks find peace, joy and enjoyment in the near future! And those happy readers, stay that way!! :)
Happy New Year!


Lanne said...

I hope you get a class of your own soon! how lucky they would be :)

momo said...

it sounds like a lovely way to bring in the new year. we love to play wii altogether. too funny how a video game can bring a family together these days.

happy 2008! make sure to let us know how the second mole removal goes. and congrats on the classroom!!!!