Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quick Post

I am about to head off to substitute teach. I love the job, the kids are a joy and I know I definitely want to be a full time teacher. :) I'm tired out, and staying up later than I should, but caffeine helps! :)
My parents came this weekend and my dad helped remove the carpet in our downstairs and put in laminate flooring. I'm really happy with the way it looks-no more dog stained carpet! :) It was great to have a little longer weekend visit with my parents as they all had Martin Luther King, Jr. day off, as well.
I have narrowed down my one little word search to 5...Hopefully I'm down to one by February 1st!
  1. Faith
  2. Grace
  3. Joy
  4. Legacy
  5. Peace
I did write letters last week. Some to my daughters, some to family and friends. Was a good thing for me, hopefully to the recipients, too!

Running has been virtually nonexistent... I will be working towards a half marathon in April, I think...

I start a Beth Moore Bible Study tonight, as well, which will give me "homework", but I look forward to getting back to daily Bible readings.

Hope you are well!! And getting through the cold weather and snow, if you're receiving it!

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