Saturday, January 12, 2008

Did you know?? I didn't...

I visited Ali's blog, like I normally do when blog-visiting, and she mentioned Tim Holtz. I saw on Tim's blog a mention of Michelle Ward. (I follow these links looking for something new and interesting.) I went to Michelle's blog and she gave me a tidbit I didn't know: Last week (January 8) was National Letter Writing Week! I didn't even know. I love writing letters-handwritten notes are nearly extinct, endangered you might say. My mailbox and I crave them..., but hardly receive them. I do love the Christmas time, and early January when the cards and letters pour in. I try to send so many, now and throughout the year, to let people know they're loved and thought of.
This week I received a beautifully colored, with floral print, tag-shaped, handwritten letter from a dear friend. We haven't spoken in person in a few months! We've both got busy children and husbands, and our own lives have gotten busier, as well. However, she is a dear, dear friend and I miss her, so her note brightened my day (hello, Donna! :)) Letters don't replace a good, hot cup of Earl Grey, and a sweet, but they sooth the soul. :)
Also, I was having a tough day Tuesday and a dear cousin of mine sent me a personal email, which really picked me up. She lives too far away and visits are rare, but she is a dear friend to me, as well, so the contact was a blessing!
Speaking of kind friends and family, I have also very much appreciated the blog-universe friends I have made thus far. Some of them have had the perfect things to say right when I needed them (thanks, Momo,!Isabelle!Lanne!)
Anyway, on this same line, I know the calendar says the "National Letter Writing Week" has passed, and some of you readers don't live in this nation that has proclaimed last week the "National Letter Writing Week" but I challenge my readers to write a few letters this week. Michelle Ward said it wonderfully: I'm not dissing email - you got it, use it! It's been a terrific means of communicating. (Leaving comments is like a little letter of validation too!) I'm just saying, write a letter - whether it's a quick note, or a thought-out paragraph, to let someone know you're glad they're around, you're thinking of them, they have influenced you, or you just like their music...""Who will you write to?"
I have a busy week ahead, too many things to note, here, but I am challenging myself to write a letter, note or card to someone different everyday this week! (This would be a great scrapbook page that has a different theme than my usuals, hm?)
Also, my one little word thought process is still evolving. My current 11 (I first narrowed it down to 55 from Ali's list, then 22 then 11, so I am still here at 11 :)) are:
  1. Faith
  2. Grace
  3. Gratitude
  4. Intention
  5. Joy
  6. Less
  7. Patience
  8. Pause
  9. Peace
  10. Perspective
  11. Purpose
I plan on using the word I choose to inspire me all year long. I will post it on my bathroom mirror, on my bulletin board, on the fridge, etc. It will encourage me to become a better person... or be ignored because I see it too much, we'll see. :)

One last thing, another of my dear cousins is in training to head off to the war in Iraq soon. Please, if you don't mind, say a prayer for her. I know there are many there, and I pray for all of them and their safe return, but it's even scarier when it's someone close to you. Thank you!

You are hear-by challenged to write some notes/letters this week and choose a word for yourself (or maybe 12 to choose from? :)) Good luck and keep me posted on how it goes! :)

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momo said...

i'm a little late for letter writing week, but i think i'll do it this week. i too, love to get mail and it rarely happens. my children check the mail every day and they say - nothing ever comes for us - and i tell them, you have to send a letter to get a letter.

maybe the three of us will do it!