Sunday, November 30, 2008

End of November

It is already the last day of November, unbelievably. In the past week, we have gone and gotten my grandma, spent the week with her (and had a very nice time!), went up to my home state for Thanksgiving, had a great few days there (including shopping on the day after Thanksgiving!), came home, got all my Christmas decorations out yesterday, went and cut the tree with my husband's family today, and decorated said tree. The tradition for the tree, as I think I've mentioned before, is to meet at a coffee/doughnut place, go cut the trees, then head into a nearby town to a small town restaurant, have lunch, head home, the husband puts the angel and lights on the tree, and then the girls and I decorate it. This year the hubby's brother and his family were also able to come, which made it even more fun! :) Our tree wasn't so large this year, it's actually perfect! :)
So far, I don't have any jobs scheduled, except Dec. 10 and 11th, for conferences. I think I will be able to find plenty to do with the approaching holidays, though! :) I will keep looking, as well.
During last week, we had my grandmother here, and one night my husband's grandparents were visiting so we had them over for a big dinner. Tried a new recipe and it was a huge success: Huckleberry BBQ This recipe uses beef brisket, and we used pork shoulder. I cooked the pork on one day, in the crockpot for about 8 hours, then the next day put the pork, that had been pulled apart, in the sauce. We also made a pasta salad, baked potatoes, onion loaf with sauce, and apple fritters.
I haven't run in two weeks. I need to get back at it again.
I did reschedule oldest daughter's wisdom teeth removal for the 2nd of Jan. so she was relieved! :) Wouldn't have been a fun New Year's Eve, if I hadn't! :)
That's all for now! Happy (almost) December! :)

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