Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ahh, the Turkey!

My gourd turkey lost his head yesterday, quite literally. My husband bumped him off the counter and his neck cracked off! We were able to superglue his head back on, but in the process his orange toes broke off, leaving him entirely unbalanced, which one would think happens to someone who loses their head! :) Anyway, I got the model magic today to replace his feet, and his head is staying on nicely. He'll look good-as-new once I do a little touch-up paint on the neck tomorrow.
After I sub, that is. I will be in the same school I've been in all year, with the wonderful staff, but in fourth grade. I have enjoyed most of my two days off, completing the majority of the things on my to-do-list, and some things that weren't, like starting our Christmas shopping! :) Also, I've always enjoyed picking my daughters up from school, walking home with them and hearing all about their day, their friends, etc. Now, I hardly get to get my oldest from middle school, and "good" is all I get from her except when I pry. :) I do, though; I work hard at getting info out of her. :) My youngest still enjoys talking to me and telling me about her day. So, the past two days we walked home in the chilly, (BRRR!) pending winter air and chatted.
I've updated my resume, written the principal a thank you note, begun the organization process of my scrapbook supplies... it seems I don't need any new for quite a while! :) I called my grandparents, and my mom, scheduled some lunch or dinner get togethers with friends I haven't talked to in quite some time, and got the thankful feathers out into the mailbox... where they await mailing due to the holiday of Veteran's Day. I hope you took time to thank a veteran you know for their service-for all our freedom! I put all my feather letters into the box forgetting that, even though the bright red "flag" is up, they won't be coming! :) Why is it called a flag, anyway? It doesn't really look like a flag these days, but maybe it once did... hm, research for another day... :)

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Molly said...

One disaster after another. That poor turkey's been through the wringer....hope he makes it without further mishap 'til Thanksgiving!