Monday, November 03, 2008

Another Day, Another Post!

Here I am again! By the end of November, you'll be sick of my postings! If you aren't already! :)
I finished the feather letter last night, but not the cutting of feathers and addressing envelopes. Looks like an activity for tonight. I think I figured 32 feathers this year. I wonder how many will be returned?

It's the beginning of the week and I thought I'd request prayers, if you are a pray-er.
These are a few of the people I'm praying for this week:
  • My friend Nikki who is undergoing radiation for her breast cancer a little bit longer. She should be done by the holidays!
  • My Uncle Duane who is undergoing medication for cancer, and his comfort, as well, please, as the medication doesn't sit well with him.
  • Cari, her recent surgeries and progression of her cancer.
  • Michael, whose tumor has returned and he has surgery on Dec. 11
  • Mikan, continued success with his growth!
I believe God hears us and does wonderful things, so I don't think it can hurt to add these people to prayer lists. :)

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Molly said...

That's an awful lot of cancer and heartache! Consider it done....

Lynd was the apple farm we went to. My daughter and family went back this past w.e. for more apples! Suncrisp were the ones we got before---the best apples he ever tasted my son declared when I brought a few home! We also got Melrose that day. There are different kinds being harvested now---Fuji and some other that I forget....I'll be putting more apple recipes on my recipe blog soon!