Monday, November 10, 2008

The past five days

Well, it took me a few days to post again...
I finished up my long-term sub job, was sad to go and got a bit teary at the end. I thought to myself yesterday, now things I need to do tomorrow when I go in... oh, I don't go in tomorrow! I've checked the open sub jobs and there aren't any thus far.
So, I have a giant list I've made for myself for the day. I did include something for me, though: a haircut at 10:15. I got it cut a few weeks ago, but the girl talked me out of getting it as short as I wanted it. I haven't liked it since, so I'm going in to get it shorter, like I like it! :)
Yesterday I ran 6.2 miles and felt pretty good. The weather was in the forties and rainy, but after I warmed up during the first mile, I felt great. I ran at an 8:40 per mile pace.
My youngest daughter went with her dad to the grocery a few days ago. That is news because she normally hates to go. She rang the doorbell when she got home. At her Sunday school class they talked about gratitude and she had used her own money to get me a "thank you for all you do" card and roses! It was so sweet and a pleasant surprise! :) A photo is at your right.
Today I have odds and ends on my list, as always there is finishing the laundry-I'm almost caught up after a week of neglecting it! I also have to organize things, you know how I like to do that, regular readers. :) I wish I had an IKEA nearby so I could go buy organizer stuff... I'm sure I could find things elsewhere, but I'm really not in need of spending money right now! :) So, it is a great thing not to have an IKEA nearby! :)
Veteran's Day is tomorrow, and I got my cards out on Friday. However, the feathers... well, let's say I'm behind! Today. It's on the list! And I live by my lists! :)
I also have updating my resume, and researching espresso machines. I'd like one of my own, so I don't run out everyday, but some are so expensive! What's the necessity and what's "extra"?
Well, off to get ready for a busy day! :) I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!


Christy said...

I have an espresso maker on my wish list too. I've always hated coffee, but recently discovered how awesome lattes are. I had my first "regular" coffee today and loved it! I've been using a moka pot that I got off of Amazon for $15 to make my espresso for my lattes, but I want an actual maker with the milk steamer/frother thingy.

If you ever come up this way for an extended visit, we can go to the Ikea in Canton!

Molly said...

Funny you should mention Ikea! I'm thinking a visit there [it's an hour away, but would be worth it!]is the only way I'm going to get my sewing room organized and under control!
My son recently bought an espresso maker. He dithered between the cheaper one and the better one, and decided to splurge, based on his dad's premise "You get what you pay for!" [Not always!]He's very happy with it....Hope you get caught up with all the items on your list. I'll send you mine when you're done!