Saturday, November 22, 2008


It is Saturday, we've watched some football, the husband is napping and the girls are disagreeing... I mean playing together. :) I had scrapbooking here last night. I had fruits, vegetables, chips, and dips, as well as pumpkin gooey bars, crock pot berry cobbler, and corn chowder. I had a very nice time. I cooked and cleaned yesterday, to get the house ready and will only have to do a touch-up before church tomorrow. After church we drive to get Gram, and have her here until Thursday.
So far, we've received 9 of our 30 thankful feathers. The turkey is holding up well, with his new feet and wattle, as well as his repaired neck. :)
I was a substitute for fourth grade last week, and I liked something the teacher did. She read the children a chapter from a book (the book she'd chosen for a read aloud, reading them a chapter per day) and then they had to write down what they thought the chapter should be titled. They shared and talked about their perspectives. Then they had to write a paragraph using text-to-self perspective. It really got them thinking about how they related to the story, and how we read for fun, relating to situations or characters in the books.
I got my letter for jury duty, which will be scheduled after the holidays. I have never had to attend before. I receive the letter, but the trial is settled before I'm set to go. This time I have four different dates, so I'm guessing I will have to go to one of them; my civic duty.
My oldest daughter found out, last time she was at the orthodontist, that her wisdom teeth are blocking her twelve year molars, so she needs to have the wisdom teeth removed. I was scheduling the appt for over winter break... however the only day they had open was New Year's Eve. She's pretty annoyed that I scheduled it, then. She'd rather miss school, of course, but unless the husband disagrees, this is the plan. :)
Next week at this time, I think I will be putting up my Christmas items! :) I'm looking forward to getting our Christmas books out. :) We read a book that we've read twice before, the Christmas Mystery, and it's a great reminder of the holidays. A chapter per day, from Dec 1 to Dec 25, an advent book, so to speak. I look forward to reading it to the family on Dec. 1. :)
Well, enough for now. Hope you are well.

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Isabelle said...

Poor daughter. I think she deserves some time off school.