Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

Well, here we are, over halfway through the week, already! :)
Yesterday I was a substitute teacher in third grade. As I do in all my new jobs, I took notes on things I like about the room/organization/information. Then, if I were lucky enough to get a job next year in that grade, I'd have some ideas to start on, or even in an interview. I got about a page and a half, and then we went to another third grade teacher's room for a half hour movie on mapping, where I got another page and a half of ideas! :) One thing, very fitting for the season, was a science discovery table. You usually see them in younger grades, but not in third. This table had gourds, small pumpkins, fruits of the season, magnifying glasses, other discovery tools for the kids to be "scientists" and observe. I thought what a great idea, to get them thinking about classifying things, thinking about differences, etc. You could change the items on the table according to the science unit or season, also.
Today is our oldest daughter's conference day. We'll go in at 9:30 and we will see all of her teachers, while our daughter leads us through the conference. It's a good way to get them to self evaluate, and the teachers give their input, as well! :) Our oldest received her grade card and a t-shirt from the school. The shirt said "Scholar Athlete" on the front and 3.5+ on the back for her gpa. It was something she was pretty proud of, as I think she should be! :) I thought it was a good way to encourage the students to keep working hard!
The turkey is holding up well with his new feet, waddle(it was also made of Crayola Model Magic and the hanging part broke off...), and neck glue. :) Paint touch-up is today.
I have big plans today! I am cleaning crawl spaces. I always say I'm going to and then I get in there and am overwhelmed, so I get back out! :) I have big plans in mind... like making my oldest daughter who is home today help me! ;) I'm sure she'll love it... although she might be happy to get back to school on Monday! :) I am really in a purging mood. I get that way when thinking about the holidays, how we don't need anything, how we have too much, etc. So, this year I'm acting on it, at least that's the plan. :)
I saw some holiday ideas/thoughts on Ali Edward's blog that were on simplifying, getting ready before Dec. 1 with all the things like shopping, organizing decorations, etc, so you could do things you really want to do but "never have time" like baking cookies. I love to do that, but "never have time" so, I'm working on that. I finished up my nieces and nephews' gifts yesterday. When they arrive in the mail, I just have to wrap and they'll be finished! I have one sister in law about done, also. Although that is where I stalled... :)
One other thing. I always do handwritten Christmas cards, and I mean a note in each one, not just signing my name. I also do a picture for each one. Last year I did 103 Christmas cards, and finally resorted to a typed, impersonal "newsletter" for them because I was subbing. I think I should cut back. Once, when we were married just a few years I said to my husband, "I think I'm going to cut back and not send to people who don't send to me." He replied, "Is that why you do Christmas cards? I thought you said you did them to let people know we love them and are thinking of them." First, he doesn't write any of them, but I do believe that. That's why I handwrite each one, a note, asking how they are, trying to let them know they were worth my time. But 103 or more? And just buying them is expensive. Even our discount stores have them 12 cards for 7 dollars... 9 boxes is 63 dollars, plus stamps and purchasing 100 photos of the family to go in each one. It adds up. But, a few dollars per person is worth it to let them know... or should be...?
Well, enough rambling. Off to get this day underway! :) I hope your week is running smoothly!

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