Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Second post

I thought I'd post twice today to make up for not posting yesterday. :)
Lunch for teachers yesterday consisted of:
chicken and noodle casserole
fruit salad with apples, green grapes, golden raisins and dried cranberries
and pumpkin bread. This was the first time I'd made the bread and yum! I left out the pumpkin seeds from the spread, though.
The teachers seemed to really like it.

Subbing is done Friday, which is sad for me. I will miss having my "own" classroom with the same kids everyday, and knowing them each so well. The staff has been great, as well, encouraging me as if I were a full time staffer.

I do have a day set up Wed. and Fri next week, but nothing else on the horizon for now... We'll see.

Have a great day! :))

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Molly said...

Sorry to hear you'll be losing "your" kids! But maybe, now that you have your foot in the door, they'll think of you first when another prolonged gig comes along!