Saturday, October 05, 2013


Sometimes, as parents, we can be torn. On one side I have the want to see my oldest girl. It is family weekend at her school, many families will be going, and the campus will be abuzz with all the people visiting their children. However, we were there last weekend and brought her home to visit, it's our youngest daughter's birthday this weekend, and it's five hours of driving round trip. But I miss her, and she misses us. Although, we can't just pick up and drive to her each weekend, either... It's a tough call. At this point we are not going. She will be back again for the half marathon in two weeks, as well, so we will be seeing her soon, and she did say she had a lot of school work to catch up on... Still very hard to be torn between knowing we should stick around home and wanting to visit her-for both of us. It's tough to be a parent sometimes, knowing she'll be ok even if we aren't there this weekend, and knowing we may disappoint her if we don't go... Hard.

If you are a parent, Reader, do you have these moments, too?

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Molly said...

Over the years? Countless numbers of them!
Sorry I've been MIA. I'm still adjusting after being in England this summer. It was beautiful to visit the OC and spend time with the grandchildren, but unsettling to know they're so far away when I'm here!
Glad to see you back blogging...I thought we'd ;lost you to FB for a while! Happy Birthday to your 15 yr.old and all the best to you Jen.