Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Social Media Monday on Tuesday

We had a very busy weekend! So, today I will catch up from our busy weekend, to talking about family and Social Media. :) Our oldest daughter wasn't going to come home this past weekend. It was her fall break (no classes Fri.-Sun.) However, all her activities and observations for Friday were canceled. She had plans with another girl who was staying on campus, but our girl was homesick because her younger sister's family birthday get together was Sunday morning. We've always all been together for birthday celebrations, so this was a bummer of a milestone-I do understand that will soon be the norm, not the exception. However, my in-laws said they'd drive 2.5 hours to get her and surprise our younger daughter. They didn't get back until 11pm and our oldest couldn't wait so she went in and woke our youngest. Our youngest has no recollection of this and slept-talked through it. In the morning, as our youngest was getting ready for her cross country meet, I told her to be careful not to be too loud. She asked why and I said because Sis was still sleeping. She ran in and crawled into bed with older sis, not knowing she had come in the night. :) It was a sweet sight to see. It will be nice to see our oldest again so soon when she comes back this weekend for the half-marathon the three of us are running in.
On Sunday we made a breakfast/brunch with some new recipes (which I will share on Friday!) And spent time celebrating our youngest, being together and then we all four headed to take our oldest back to school. We stopped at a local on-campus favorite restaurant for lunch and enjoyed just a little more time together.
Our oldest has started to think about transferring colleges for next year. Her roommate now, whom she adores, will be rooming in another dorm so she will have to find another or "wing it". Plus, she is a family girl, a homebody and I think she would like to transfer closer. However, she likes it where she is... So, another adventure. We told her she at least has a one year commitment, but she does need to be looking ahead to find the transfer information in advance.

I went back through my Twitter and Facebook posts for my Social Media Monday post and found that I tweeted/re-tweeted several quotes (see below), a link to Runner's World where they discuss running the muscle issue I have (piriformis), and this: 10 Apps to Relax Your Body and Mind from PBS. I haven't gotten any but some sounded interesting. (Some sounded silly, but who am I to judge. ;))

I hope you are feeling relaxed and healthy today, Reader!

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Thimbleanna said...

Awww, I got a little teary when I read your younger daughter's reaction to finding out that older daughter was at home. Cling tight to this next year or two -- as you noted, it will soon be the exception. Why, oh why, do our babies have to grow up? I love that famous line "We've had bad luck with our children, they've all grown up." Bad luck indeed.