Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Talk About Family Tuesday

            Today I get to talk about my youngest daughter. She turns 15 in the next few days. She is tall-6 inches taller than me. She is beautiful, with long blond hair-every time I take her to get it cut, people tell her that her hair color is what most women wish for. She has big, dark blue eyes. I don't think she knows how truly beautiful she is.
           What is even better, and more important, is how beautiful she is on the inside. She is polite, kind-hearted and faithful. She is very smart and works hard to show it. She is very diligent-homework, running, any task she sets before herself. She has a dry, witty sense of humor like her dad and springs it on you when you least expect it. :)
            She is currently re-reading the Harry Potter books... again! She said to me the other day, "I just can't find any good fantasy books like Harry Potter. The other books that are out are just too dark." She is also re-watching the movies. 
             She gets her artistic bent from her father-very skilled. Very little art instruction in her life, but has taught herself to use charcoals and chalk, as well as pastels. She is very good. For her birthday my parents gave her their gift early and it is an art easel. She has loved it! She likes to use a variety of things for inspiration. 
             She doesn't like to take her dirty clothes down to the laundry room or make her bed, but if asked she does so. She lets me know when she is upset with me, in a respectful way normally, but then goes to her room, thinks things over and comes back to discuss. She is quite mature for her age!
             She is not a concert lover, due to the noise and amount of people. She had her first pep rally of high school a few weeks ago and she came home frustrated. She said it was NOISY and there were TOO MANY people! I told her that was the idea of a pep rally and she informed me that she was going to hide in the bathroom with a book when the next one rolled around. ;) She didn't, she went and said she sat along an aisle so it was tolerable. :) She wasn't a fan of the big football game, either. However, she is still trying to get herself going; she went to the homecoming dance, even though she knew there would be a lot of people and lots of noise. She doesn't hide from a challenge. 
              She tries to do the right things, like when other girls on her basketball team were mean, I was going to talk with the coach, etc. She said she would just keep being nice to them, avoid them when necessary and things would work out because that is what she was supposed to do. :) I was proud of her (feeling the "mother bear" inside me wanting to come out ;) but letting her try to work things out herself) and it worked out fine. 
                She is a sweetheart who is still adjusting to her sister not being here all the time. They are best friends, even with the age difference and it has been difficult for them, missing each other. She tries hard though. 
                 She loves spicy foods-ate all the "hot" salsa my parents canned and brought for us-ALL of it! :) She loves salsa and "Mexican" food. 
                 I'm really lucky to have her in my life! I am very blessed and thankful for her. Who are you thankful for, Reader? 

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