Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Talk About Family Tuesday

Today I am extra thankful for my husband. I should say I am thankful for him everyday, but sometimes I take him for granted. I often forget the many things I appreciate about him. In my prayers this morning I wrote down some of the things I was grateful for and I thought of so many reasons I was grateful for him. I met him when we were so young-I have now known him half of my life. So grateful that he came into my life-God provided me with a great blessing. We have both changed so much since then. And, yet, in so many ways we have not. He has always been funny, silly, and makes me laugh-a giggle here and there or a belly laugh that I have trouble stopping. Every day he makes me laugh, and smile and smirk. :)
Yes, he has odd quirks, and we squabble, heck, we get into big arguments over silly things, but I can't imagine ever wanting to go through this crazy life with anyone else. I can't imagine ever being in love with someone as deeply as I am with my husband. Or having a better friend. He is such a good man, wanting to be such a great father to his daughters. He is so important to them-our youngest asked if could go with us when we went homecoming dress shopping! They appreciate his taste in clothes, his taste in movies, his interest in them and their lives. He values family; I remember the first time I met him and he told me his family was camping nearby so he would be going to visit them and spend the next day with them. I was impressed. People say to know how a man will treat his wife, watch how he treats his mother... he treats his mother well. :)
I mentioned we have arguments. Usually they are over little issues, things that could easily be resolved if we just quit being so stubborn, but the "big things" have been where we always meet in the middle or have the same ideas about-we've been lucky that way so far. Granted we don't agree on everything, nor do we even like all the same things. I love nature, especially the birds and animals that visit our yard... he doesn't. :) He doesn't mind traffic or driving the packed highways-I do, very much so! He is not a fan of dogs, but we have them because I am. :)
My husband has many skills, and one is that he is a great cook-heads and shoulders above the kind of cook I hope to aspire to be. It comes naturally to him. He doesn't see it as a chore and is helpful to cook our family meals sometimes. He works to use his skills at his job to provide for his family, which I am thankful for, as well. Especially when I don't work outside the home.
Lately he has been encouraging me to cast my net wider, that teaching may not be my only gift or working with the children in Sunday School may not be my only gift-to open my eyes and heart and look around. He encouraged me to seek information on becoming a chaplain or even a pastor because he felt like it might be a place I would fit, my gifts could help me to serve in those capacities. I have taken the steps to do so... I will discuss that in another post, but I asked if he really thought that-I considered it a great compliment-and he got misty-eyed, saying he thought it would be good for so many... From a man I respect so much, that was quite a compliment.

Who are you truly grateful for, Reader? Who would make your eyes misty with their compliments?

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Thimbleanna said...

What a sweet post Jen -- your hubby sounds like the perfect match!