Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday's Helpful Apps

Today I will be sharing apps that I frequently use for social interaction. Before I do that, however, I have to note that my iphone got it's iOS7 update this week. It is an adjustment, as with any change. There are just little things I've noticed so far, such as graphics (which really didn't bother me, at all), the method you use to close in-use-apps, camera features (which I love!), which are easier to find, the swipe-up control center has nice organization, itunes radio (which is like pandora), better swipe-down notifications, changes in the weather app makes the others I had downloaded unnecessary, and sadly, the fact that it seems to drain my power more quickly than it did before (BOO!) I have found a few sites to share, here, that discuss the new iOS7 features:

Next, my "social" apps that I use regularly (I have provided links so you can click on the app name and read more about it):
  • Facebook-I get frustrated with all Facebook's policy changes, but when I consider getting rid of it altogether I hear from my grandfather, who lives in another state, and he messages me. He says he likes my pictures or comments on an update, lets me know how he is. That is a BIG deal! I love it. I have the app for my phone and it is on the short list of things I check at the beginning of my day.
  • Twitter-I love checking it. I follow a variety of people-athletes, tv stars, family, friends, and news outlets. I do not, however, have the hang of dropping hashtags (#s) into my text as the younger set do...
  • Instagram-I also love this. I love taking pictures and sharing them with my family and friends. Instagram has features that I can use to edit those pictures and then post them. I will talk about this again in a few weeks when I discuss my favorite photo apps! I also like this way of sharing photos and seeing what my family and friends are sharing, as well.
  • Skype-This app lets me connect with my nieces in another state. I can see and hear them, and vice versa. I love that I can even read them books, and I can point things out on the pages as we go. We can interact pretty well! It has been helpful with our oldest daughter off to college, as well. So nice to see her face as well as hear her voice.
  • Last, Facetime-This allows me to do the same things as Skype, but lately the connection has been better. 
Do you have favorite social apps, Reader? Or have iOS7 features you like/dislike?

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