Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday's Helpful Apps #1

I decided to try posting a weekly segment about apps I use on my phone. Today I'm starting with the basics. I have an iphone5. I didn't have an iphone before this, but when we upgraded the girls' phones we upgraded mine, as well. I didn't think I needed a phone this "fancy", but I sure do appreciate all it does, now! In the weeks ahead I will visit topics such as photography, social media, health, music, etc. Today, the basics:
*Phone: I use the phone-yes, I actually call and talk to people. ;)
*I use mail-I can connect to my gmail and retrieve all my email at once. I used to have gmail for my school email and received it on my phone, as well, which was nice to have it all in one location.
*I use "Messages" for texting. It is so nice to be able to text my family. Silly, I know, but for my daughter to text and say "Practice is over, please come get me" or "Ready" instead of finding a pay phone, calling collect using the name "I'm ready for a ride". ;)
*I use the "camera" tool. I use it a lot! :)
*I use "settings". This enables me to set the many options my phone offers, such as ring tones, notifications, and wallpaper.
*There is a "notes" app that was on my phone when I bought it that looks like a yellow legal pad. It is just a quick way place to jot down thoughts to come back to later.
*Clock-I use this a lot. I can set alarms with it, naturally, but I also use it for a timer or stopwatch. Very simple to use.
*Calendar-I also have this set to my home calendar and can see all my upcoming appointments. I receive notifications as things are about to show up, as well.
 *There is an "App Store", as well. Not only can you download items from there, as well as purchase them, this notifies me when a new update is available, such as when a company has a bug fix for an app you use. Those are all my "basics" they are apps or tools that came on my phone that I use regularly. Check in next week for others!

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Thimbleanna said...

Nice post Jen. I LOVE my phone and often wonder how we got along without it. You'll learn to love it even more with your daughter away at school -- it's so nice to be able to just text them and know that you're not interrupting a class or nap or something.