Sunday, September 29, 2013

Right Now

Right now I am

  • Typing-I am really enjoying getting back into the regular habit of blogging. It is a good way to think, as well as share, feelings and thoughts. It is a nice form of journaling what our family is experiencing currently, as well.
  • Seeing/Watching-my husband is outside mowing and he is trying to trim apple tree branches... This is significant because he always trims too many leaving our trees a bit more... bald than I like them. ;) And I checked with a local nursery and they said try not to trim them until March when they aren't bearing fruit...
  • Smelling-I like to cook, but not off the cuff. I know I have mentioned that I love to follow a new recipe. My husband and I had decided to eat leftovers tonight so they won't go to waste. We had chicken and rice bake loosely based off this recipe: Crockpot Chicken Rice and Green Chili Casserole, but I baked mine in the stove with a few minor adjustments.  My husband went downstairs, before mowing/over-trimming trees, and whipped up a soup with those leftovers. I am smelling them now and am suddenly hungry, ready for an early dinner!
  • Listening-My big dog is laying beside me, curled up, snoring away, so happy he can be in my office beside me. He was so happy to see our older daughter this weekend.
  • Missing-our older daughter. She was home for the weekend, as per request of our younger daughter, to come and "do hair and make-up" for our younger daughter's first high school homecoming dance. She went with a group of friends and looked lovely. Our oldest daughter was glad to come and spend time with us all, and we were sad to see her go. And, as I said, our dog was so happy to see her, and began to act nervous when she brought her bags down today.
  • Posting-pictures of our youngest daughter from homecoming. I post to only family and friends on facebook, but here I try not to post pictures of our girls. Just something from my paranoid early days of blogging. One picture had she and I together and people continue to comment on how much we look alike. It's funny how, as parents, we don't notice how much they look like us sometimes, and then in a certain photo, you see it.
  • Checking-I play in a fantasy football league with my husband and some friends. The last few weeks my team has played well. We've played combinations of us vs the league average points and against other teams. I was 4-0 until today. I keep checking the game cast-the current stats for my players and I am not seeing positive results! :) Hopefully things will turn around by tomorrow night's Monday Night Football game! I was enjoying being at the top of the chart!
  • Dreading-cleaning my office. I have let it get out of hand, working on other parts of the house, and it really needs work!
  • Praying-for God to guide me according to His plan and purpose (see prior post)
  • Aching-I ran 10 miles with my husband and older daughter yesterday. I actually had to stop at a few points to rest my aching injury that won't go away. I'm sadly scheduling another doctor appointment for this week. Hopefully I will be able to run the half marathon I have been training for-it is three weeks from today.
What is happening Right Now for you, Reader?


Gillie said...

I am quietly reading blogs after a very loud and tumultuous Sunday evening when elder grandson went into meltdown and thinking a little longingly of my quiet home in Michigan! Right now in Wyoming but I go home on Tuesday and will miss them despite the noise!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow - 10 miles! I can't even imagine running that far. We did 4 miles in a treadmill class on Friday -- part running and part swift-clip-max-incline and I thought I'd been killed. I'm pretty sure I WAS killed for a little while there. You're amazing!!!