Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Talk about Family Tuesday

This week is very fitting to be talking about family, so recently after my husband's grandfather's death. He was 90 years old, just turned in July, and for his birthday he wanted to see his three children and their spouses, his eight grandchildren and their spouses and his twenty-two great-grandchildren at some point near his birthday. Or course, we all made a trip in July to see him, on separate occasions, of course, since his health had begun to fail. He knew he had congestive heart failure and was getting weaker, requiring an oxygen machine and breathing treatments. We spent time with he and Grandma, and he told stories I hadn't ever heard before, and I've been in the family for almost 20 years! Grandpa had to work hard to stay awake when we visited, but he did. By this time about two weeks ago he was worn out. His body was tired and he was working hard. He stayed awake and alert until the very end, making sure he waited until all three of his kids were there at his side and he told them how great their mom was, and how proud he was. He and Grandma had been married for 66 years! She seemed so fragile at the service. After he'd been gone just a few hours, she already was saying that she missed talking to him. They were the type of couple who finished each other's sentences. And they loved to play euchre-but it was not fun to be against them! They'd been playing together so long that they knew each other's thoughts, actions, suggestions. ;) Oh, my husband and I could win a game or two, but never enough to end the evening in the winner's spots. :) Grandpa was a good man, and it is sad/hard to believe that he's gone. It's also said to know that my mom's mom is weakening, is unaware of her surroundings-time and space-sometimes. She fell in the shower last week and was so confused, my mom said... Times like these make it hard to live in another area from your family, for sure. This funeral for my husband's grandpa got me to thinking about my three grandparents who are still alive and my memories of them. Made me worry about their health and minds. I hope they know how loved they are, always...

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