Monday, September 23, 2013

Social Media Monday

I posted on Facebook this link about a large number of bees found dead. The article was connecting the bee deaths with pesticide (which isn't really surprising, is it?) and with an already declining bee population, it made me sad. I wondered what I could do. My initial reaction was to call a local organic lawn company, so I'm not hiring someone to care for our lawn that is just bringing harmful chemicals. Still researching, but might have one I like. I don't spray my apple trees, either. My apples are eaten by bugs each year and we don't get any of their harvest, but we have several bees who come and pollinate. I also noticed, when I went to trim off the growth of my basil plants, that they were full of bees before I could trim the flowers off them. Hoping to help them in my yard, at least. We need them!
Here is an article from PBS about how we can help the bees.
This article is 5 Ways we can help from the Mother Nature Network.
Last, here is the News Tribune's article on how you can help.
Take a look at one or all of these articles, and do what you can to help our bees! Have a great week, Reader!

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Thimbleanna said...

The decline of bees is pretty scary, isn't it? We had a beehive years and years ago. We only had it for one season though -- we lived on large lots and unfortunately, the guy who lived to the west of us owned a pesticide company. One day in the fall, when the mosquitos were really bad, he fogged his whole wooded area. Since the breeze moved easterly, all that stuff came to us. We didn't have any mosquitos anymore, but we lost our bees too. Very sad. Thanks for all the links.