Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bridal Shower

Over the summer my mom asked if I would help her host a bridal shower for my cousin. My cousin had been married before, so we wanted it to be different, not all the usual games. We had fun planning! My oldest daughter and I drove the three hours to my parents' town and began to get things organized, then the guests came, ate, played games, watched the gift opening, etc. and then we drove back. It was a LONG day, but a nice thing to do-fun to share those activities with my mom, daughter and extended family. I share this with you because some of the food and activities were successes. :) *games and activities: We started the shower, as the ladies arrived, with taking their picture with the bride-to-be. The guests also took a small (2 x 3, I think) card and wrote a note, memory, etc. on it. Then I printed their photos, later, and glued them to the back of the note. I put them into a pocket in a small album I made. Here is the link to the idea: "Memories & Advice-I think this would be nice to do as the guest are entering. There's a pic of this idea on this website on the 9th slide", here is the link to the "you make life Blissful" Scrapscription scrapbook kit I made, scan down about mid-page. After they had sidled up next to the bride for pictures, laughed with her, and got settled, I sent the bride into the house (we had the shower outside and it was a lovely day!) and then asked "what's the bride wearing?" The guests had to remember as much as they could about her outfit. Then she came back out after 5-10 minutes and we all laughed at those who said, "who knows?" :) The bride and groom were just going on a short honeymoon and they were essentially camping in upper Michigan. I packed a cute bag for them with magazines, sunscreen, etc. I asked them each (unbeknownst to them) what they would pack in their honeymoon bag and they told me a few items. One for groom was toothbrush, one for bride was gas prevention medicine! So, I added those, as well, getting quite a giggle from the attendees. :) The guests weren't able to see what was in the bag, so game 2 was "what is in the honeymoon bag?" and they had a few minutes to guess. Then she opened it and people checked things off their list. I had created a "he said, she said" form, here, and got quotes from each of them for the guests to try. The groom's mom was most successful! :) We had a few laughs at the "Newlywed Game" using what they each answered without the other knowing. :) We had quite a few laughs and it seemed like everyone had fun! One guest said that was the most fun shower she had been to! *food: My mom is a good cook! She made small shredded pork sandwiches on pretzel buns as well as MANY bite-sized desserts. I made this for a different fruit salad. Fruit salad with Lemoncello-and it was delicious! I made tomato-mozzerella-bites, and Paula Dean's Italian Pasta Salad. I also made an orzo salad. I made the classic stand-by for us, as well, the broccoli slaw salad. The things I made were easy to put in a cooler and transport it in the car. It was a very fun day-I hope the bride enjoyed it! :)

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