Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday, September 14

Running is a passion of mine. Anyone who reads this blog or knows me in person knows this. I have been running all summer, as usual and have signed up for the local half marathon in October. Unfortunately, the injury that slowed me down in last November's half is rearing its ugly head, again. I went to doctor appointments to try and get it solved, and thought I had for a while. I haven't, however, solved it and am feeling it even during short distances. My husband suggested that I hang up the shoes for a while, not do the half marathon, but that's a hard decision for me. I am trying the ice-Advil-rest-shorter distance-and foam rolling so I can hope to heal it, but so far I've seen no improvement at all. Fingers crossed, please, Reader. Running the my way to burn calories, relieve stress, praise the Lord-yes, I have have contemporary Christian music on my running playlist so I can worship and pray as I run-and observe nature. I can go walking and bike riding, as well, but the calorie burning is less and the time frame is more... I am hoping for the best... Please send good vibes, Reader. How are you?

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