Friday, September 27, 2013

Recipes I have tried this week

This week I used that last of the tomatoes from our garden (let me restate, we still had tomatoes, but with the waning sunlight, the baby green tomatoes would not ripen soon! :)) to make a marinara sauce. I made this with my fresh tomatoes, instead of canned and my husband said it was the best sauce he had ever had. Mind you, I'm not a great cook, so I truly think the freshness of my garden tomatoes and herbs had a lot to do with it! :)

Giada's Marinara Sauce Recipe

Also, this is the tried and true pesto recipe I use all summer. I have tried to make enough to "can" but we end up eating it before. I can grow basil like crazy, here. The plants are taller than waist high and they are full of lovely, green leaves. I cannot grow cilantro for longer than a week, however, for some reason, but that's another post. :) This recipe is very simple and delicious to marinade chicken in, or just to dip whole grain Tostitos Scoops chips into. ;)

Food Network's Basil Pesto Recipe

Hope you enjoy them, Reader! What have you been cooking?

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Thimbleanna said...

I have the same problem with cilantro -- usually the chipmunks get it, but if I manage to protect it from them, it will bolt in about two weeks -- not sure what the trick is!