Sunday, September 22, 2013


This summer my husband took our aging dogs to the vet, as he usually does. Our biggest dog still has his LARGE fatty deposit, bigger than a basketball, now. The vet insinuated that we were just "keeping him comfortable" now... although last summer they didn't think he'd last the year, but here he is, following me around. The little dog's odd lumps are growing as well. Both dogs still get around and are still on their schedules, eating, barking, loving. However, if the doorbell rings, they don't hear it and when new people come in they don't often react, well, they look at me, see if I'm happy to see that person and then go back to sleep. They are like old people who nap all day. :) I know their times are coming and it saddens me. The house is already so quiet...

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