Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls has always been a show my girls and I enjoy. The series begins with a high school girl and, I think it's early fourth season, she heads off to college. My oldest daughter's roommate and her mom came, joining my two girls and I, and we watched the "night before college" episode: "Ballrooms and Biscotti" and the episode where they move her in to college: "Loralei's First Day at Yale". They are two of the best episodes ever, in my opinion. They display the town's affection for the ladies, the strong bond and friendship between the mother and daughter and the real-to-life emotion of having a teenager growing up. :) We had a nice evening watching them before we got our own girls off to college... and yes, I needed a tissue. ;) In case you, Reader, would like a complete list of episodes, you can find it here:

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