Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It is Tuesday.
It has been cloudy and windy.
I gave tests to two out of three of my classes, and have graded most of them. One class did wonderfully. The other did not do so well. The third class takes their test tomorrow. We'll see which way they fall. :) I felt really good this time about how I had taught all three classes. I feel that it may be my teaching that wasn't successful... however I gave them a very detailed study guide on Friday, asked for any questions yesterday and played a review game yesterday. Most students told me that they didn't have questions but hadn't studied yet... and that was yesterday. To hear that they try to study and remember the entire chapter in 24 hours is a frustrating thing for a teacher! :)
Well, will post longer later. Husband would like to go for a walk. :)


Thimbleanna said...

Boy, that's a little disheartening. Maybe the lower grades and a little reminder about the way to study will wake them up. It sounds like you're doing what you can though -- keep up the good work!

Molly said...

I have one here in the living room---a good bit older than your middle schoolers[??]doing some heavy duty, last minute swotting. By now he should, and does, know better! The spirit is willing but....