Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I had dinner tonight with two dear friends. They were teachers from the school I worked at the last two years. They are great people to be around. They are smiling and fun. They really care about their students and it was a nice dinner. I enjoy the staff I have, currently, too, but I haven't had as long to build the relationships that I had with these two teachers. I worked with them for two years, and they really took me under their wings. It was also nice to hear how all of my old staff members were doing! I hadn't seen most of them since last June. I miss them all and it was good to hear most are doing well! It was really a bittersweet feeling. I enjoy my job, now, and I feel I've grown in the aspect that I am now a middle school teacher and my style has evolved a bit. My previous staff was like family and I enjoyed all their joys for teaching and each other, too. I hope to find that at my current position, as well. It's hard right now, though, since I'm there only half time. It has caused me to think about the stages of my life thus far and how one stage often prepares you for the next...
I hope the stage you are in, reader, brings you joy and joy to others! :)

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