Friday, November 04, 2011

To Read

I have books to read in a basket on my desk.

*Heaven is for Real-my youngest daughter received it for her thirteenth birthday from a faithful friend and she devoured it. My daughter said it was wonderful and wanted me to read it. Then, when my parents were visiting, my mom said she read it and liked it, too. Then my oldest daughter read it and liked it... now it's my turn. I'm a chapter in and look forward to reading it soon.

*Small Changes, Big Results-my husband and I were deciding on ways to eat healthier. Some friends of ours tried the 17 day diet, but when we started reading it, I would have had to give up bread and grains. I know, 17 days isn't that long, but that's not something I could stick with. I like bread, crackers, and pasta. I know they aren't supposed to be great for you, but in appropriate portions, I shall keep eating them. :) Anyway, we thought this book better suited us and have decided to read it together, just as soon as we finish that bag of tortilla chips in the pantry... ooops. ;)

*Wonderstruck-this book is by the same author who wrote The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which we loved, both the pictures and illustrations, so we were delighted to see this, albeit very long, book!

*101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home-I have skimmed the topics, already, and I'm not even sure our oldest would want to do them in the next year, but it would be fun to try to accomplish them, if she did! :)

* I have the latest Beth Moore book on order, but it won't be in my "to read" basket until May. I look forward to reading it, along with my Bible.

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