Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally Friday!

I had my first conferences as a middle school teacher last night! Was a nice evening with great staff who care so much about their students!

So much to do in the weekend ahead.
Work/To-Do List:

School-I must start my own class work, as well as continue planning for the students I am teaching.
Paperwork-I am going through files (I still have them in two locations and need to purge to one... the question is what to keep, what will be needed in the future? Something I say I need to organize frequently but haven't taken the steps, yet.)
Garden/Annual bed-I still have some plant removal, cleanup work to do in my garden and annual bed.
Birdfeeder Prep-I need to make some trays like these. I like the ones they have on the site, but I need a few and I can't afford to pay 53 (or more!) dollars each! My birdfeeders are in landscaping and the birds throw the seeds down, growing weeds. I love having the birdfeeders close to the house, but my husband does not like the mess! :) I have a bird bath with a heater that I got for Christmas but never did anything with, because I wasn't sure where I was putting it, and I will be working on that this weekend, too.
Christmas Cards!-need to get those done (since I didn't previously) at least photos uploaded and ordered and labels printed, maybe the letter written, but we'll see...
Running-my daughter's high school has a 5K fun run for a fundraiser and she and I will be running in it tomorrow morning
Scrapbook-I am almost done with another mini kit and am considering it as a Christmas gift. I want to finish it, get started on the December Daily album so it's ready to fill in December
Office-finish cleaning and organizing so I can work in it instead of thinking "I need to reorganize so I can use this better" each time I sit down. Very distracting!

I think that's enough. Last time I made a weekend list I didn't complete things, so let's just stick with this length! :) Have a great weekend!

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Thimbleanna said...

Boy, what a list Jen -- Good Luck and have fun! I need to do some outside work too -- to finish up the season -- I'm hoping it will warm up just a little. ;-) Have a great weekend!