Thursday, November 03, 2011


I'm trying to blog everyday in November. I have slacked off, again, and want to get myself back to it and NaBloPoMo was a nice push! :) It will be a challenge, with all the school work I have to do, as well as taking a class of my own, to get it completed.

My youngest daughter is enduring basketball tryouts this week, which is a challenge she hasn't encountered before. She made it through the first and second round and one more to go... she is nervous and excited, but doesn't feel her skills are as good as some others. We try to encourage her, we've seen them all play, and we know she is on the same level, but her nerves have her worried. We will continue to pray for her and send her good vibes! :)

A few more challenges I've been thinking of-
*quitting facebook for the rest of the month...
*stopping coffee stops at Starbucks (it has become a daily habit again, and December '10-April '11 I had broken the habit... only to cave in when the "free birthday coffee!" coupons came).
*wine in the evenings... inevitably, I don't just have a glass, I have snacks like potato chips, too!

However, I look at that list and there isn't anything that would make someone sigh in concern-nothing life threatening, just little challenges for me. What sorts of challenges are on your list today?

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