Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another One

Another day got away from me without a post. The end of the posting each day in November. I have missed two days, now.

Tonight I have conferences and then attending a school board meeting. The latest levy in our area didn't pass, so now district wide cuts are being implemented-no sports and no advanced/AP/Honors classes are being mentioned. Having a daughter who is a junior, will be a senior next year, I worry about her senior year and college perceptions. We will go tonight and hope for the best. I have prayed and it is in bigger hands than mine.

I have projects going on in all three of my classes. They are working on making board games with partners to show what they know about the last chapters. I thought it would be fun, but some of my students aren't impressed. Not everything we do can be wrote memorization, sometimes it's learning how to apply the information or to analyze it in a different way.

Thanksgiving is a week away. Time is flying. I have lots of work to do-a long list of things I need to do for myself-an eye appointment, a filling in my tooth replaced (it has come away from the tooth from being in there so long-20 years or so?), a dermatologist appointment... all these things I am putting off. Maybe I will schedule them all next Wednesday...that sounds like a fun day off? ;)

I am still enjoying pinterest. Fun to get those creative juices going. I have gotten the last two kits from scrapscription. I love their kits. It satisfies my need for new, creative scrapbook materials and minibooks, but encourages me to finish something before the next kit comes. I need to order pics and place them in the mini books, but that is something I can do in the car on long car rides to see my family over the holidays, or snow days (we will have snow days, right? ;)) I can't wait to get started on the latest kit-the December daily!! Then I can work on it all through December... just like I blogged all through November... ;)

Hope you are well, Dear Reader, and that the sun is shining where you are-in the sky or in your heart!! :)

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Thimbleanna said...

Oh well -- posting every day is a REALLY Hard thing to do -- after all, you have real life to live LOL. I get SO mad at school boards -- I KNOW there are administrative bloated bureacracy cuts they could make -- but instead they cut stuff from students to make a point. Sorry...I could rant about this for too long....