Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Election Day!

Our school is asking for a new levy. I'm not sure people are going to vote for it. I hope the schools aren't effected like they say they will be if it doesn't pass... Education and educators are really under fire right now. It's frustrating.

We also have 3 state issues on the ballot. I'm always surprised at people who say they aren't voting on things because they don't know enough about the issue... there are so many ways to gather objective information, and it's not like the issue just popped up yesterday and they are asking you to vote today... there is time, sometimes almost a year, to find the information.

I know some people who don't bother voting at all, but then complain about the results... Frustrating.

I don't care for politics and most politicians, which are the typical can't-tell-if-I-can-trust-them type people... but I don't want their job! :) Running a classroom of kids keeps me busy enough, let alone a large group of constituents! :) We are lucky that we are free, that we have the opportunity to vote, however, and I feel like we need to take advantage of it.

Next year at this time we'll be voting for President, again.... and amidst mudslinging ads. hoorayy... ;)

Have a great day!

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Molly said...

Politics is depressing, especially for young people. It would be great to have some of them in office, but first they'd have to find a way to become millionaires----depressing!