Sunday, November 06, 2011


I remember when Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple were all the rage around here. When the girls were small it seemed like I was always going to a party of a friends' for these things. They haven't disappeared, they're just not the latest thing, anymore. Then there was Stampin Up. Over the last year it's been Thirty-One bags/purses. I'm not a big bag/purse person, but I do love the two bags I have for carrying my teaching supplies. My sister in law had a thirty-one party yesterday and it was a nice get together-she had made great food! :) I bought two bags. Our girls had not gotten new school bags this year and had really liked some we saw yesterday. So, Christmas presents were purchased. :) It just got me to thinking about the latest trends in purchase parties and seemed like a good thing to post today before I got back to schoolwork. What purchase parties have you been to, enjoyed?

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Molly said...

I've never liked the pressure of those "parties!" And it is somehow distasteful to me to be "invited" to a "friend's" house for the purpose of buying stuff. I guess I prefer to keep the lines between business and friendship clearly defined.