Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Blogging my heart

Again, I read Stephanie's post about blogging my heart and what better time to do it than during NaBloPoMo? :) A good post topic, certainly! :)

1. My niece, my brother's family/daughter, along with most of my family members, all live in a different state than we do. We don't get to see them as often as I'd like, with all our busy schedules. I know too well, from seeing our girls growing up so fast, that my 5 year old niece will, too. We've started Skyping and it's been delightful. She said "Aunt Jen, will you read me another story?" last time we were on. I read to her and enjoy the book sharing-I have all the picture books for seasons, for younger children, that I had for classroom teaching... but I'm with middle school, now. I enjoy being able to share them with her.

2. Currently, there is a ladybug in my lamp. I heard a funny noise while I typed. I located the sound and saw the little beetle. It's that time of year.

3. I haven't been running much, letting my sore legs heal. I've only run 2-3 times per week since the half marathon. However, I have enjoyed an evening walk with my husband almost everyday. It has been wonderful. I enjoy his friendship and company on our walks and am thankful that we have a friendship as well as a marriage. :)

4. I really enjoy blogging-even if I am not informing anyone of anything significant, except what is happening in my life, I enjoy the process. I enjoy how it makes me look inward.

5. My parents came down for the weekend, last weekend. I always enjoy their visits. The visits never seem long enough. We probably won't see them again until Thanksgiving. I haven't seen one of my grandmas in far too long. I feel terribly guilty about this. We usually visit her, do lunch, etc, but we went to my family's cottage which is another hour away from her last time.

6. I have already begun to Christmas shop. I'm not anywhere near finishing, but have begun the process-I started at the end of October! Now, let's see if I finish before December 24th... ;)

7. I still worry too much. I pray for God to protect my family, and that is the best we can do. Our oldest went to a friend's party last weekend and I wanted to text her every few minutes. My husband reminded me that she was a great kid with a faithful, moral background, and in two years she will be off at college... Eek! She is kind and smart, but there were going to be a lot of kids there. She came home at 10;45, instead of the just before midnight she was allowed.

8. I haven't been picking up my Bible and digging into the word like I need to. I always feel better when I do. I would love to do a Bible Study at our church, but I just don't have the time in our schedule, right now. I would love to read a book and have it guide me through the Word, and to be able to discuss it with another faithful person. For now, I play "Bible Roulette" and know that God is guiding me to the passages I need to read. Maybe a blog/online Bible Study?

9. I found something Stephanie said very interesting-her number 8. She talked about reading other blogs and feeling inadequate. I read hers and I feel that way, too. She takes care of four kids, she blogs about each of their characteristics, blogs her real, honest feelings, and scrapbooks it, too! I can't get through daily chores, sometimes and I have two older daughters, who could fend for themselves. She is an amazing woman, an example of faith and I appreciate her blog.

10. I still feel overwhelmed by my job sometimes. I know I need to spend a lot of time, energy and brain power into making it what the kids need. I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish it all, let alone to throw my own family into it all. But I'm trying really hard and I felt, today, like the puzzle pieces fit. Hopefully that continues for a long time! :)

That's all for now, I think. I hope you are well, Dear Reader. I hope you experience kindness this week, and find time to share some, too! Many hugs!


Molly said...

I can't believe you have ime to write! I like your last line.....Someone [I;m not sure who] said, and I agree---There are three rules in life. The first is:Be kind; the second is:Be kind; and the third is-yes, you guessed it---Be kind!

Stephanie Howell said...

i'm sorry i make you feel inadequate. :( thank you so much for joining in and blogging your heart, you sound like such a lovely woman. xxo