Monday, November 14, 2011

Missed a day

Well, after posting twelve days in a row, I missed the thirteenth. :) I spent the day at church, with my husband's family for our Thanksgiving dinner since we'll all be in other places on the actual Thanksgiving, and at home grading many papers. I had gotten behind, and my students have tests this week, so I wanted to give their papers back. :) I still have more to do this morning, but wanted to pop on and blog so I don't miss another day! :) So thankful for family time. We were getting ready to pray the other night, we pray as a family each night, and my scrapbook things were out. My daughters and husband began playing with items-punching circles in things, printing labels, slicing paper... it was silly and fun! Just one of those moments that make me smile. :)
I hope you are smiling on this Monday!

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