Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Daily Habits

Hello! I hope this post finds you doing great! :)

Lenten Challenges are doing ok. Not great, not poorly. I checked Facebook, but have considered allowing myself to do so on Saturdays. Is that cheating? I am honestly feeling no. My grandpa and I talk via the message system on Facebook. He is not fond of the phone but enjoys saying hello on Facebook. I popped on Saturday and sent him a note. I also have a friend in Australia who is going through a tough time-health and life. We tried texting via cell phones, but it can get quite costly, quite quickly. I feel like I gave up Facebook because it was a detrimental time waster, and I wanted to use daily time to work on time in prayer. I feel like these two people are good reasons to pop on briefly-if that is my only, weekly, intension when I get on. I'm not playing the games I used to, I'm not "liking" or reading other people's items, I'm not commenting on anything or posting anything, either.

I haven't been snacking after dinner, in fact, I have gone to bed a bit earlier the last three nights. The first two I didn't sleep well, but last night I slept wonderfully.

I am running and feeling good about it-ran the suggested 7 miles for my training run. Still on track to do my first spring half marathon, knock on wood! :)

Today I begin a new habit challenge. I have been reading a wonderful blog-a blog about Jenny Meyerson. She is an amazing lady. Anyway, a recent post of hers was about her trying new habits-5 new habits for 30 days. It wasn't a life long commitment, as we all know life can be too challenging for that. ;) But, it was a goal. So, I have decided to do the same. I am challenging myself for 30 days in March. (last day is a freebie? To recover if I slip? :))

My 5 goals for March:
*Read the Bible more (yes, this is a Lenten goal and a New Year's goal, but it can't hurt to overlap! :))
*Stomach or ab exercises (I am running, but my diet still needs some work... there is poundage hanging on around my middle that needs some specific attention. I found a calendar/chart with exercises online that will work great!)
*Write one note, email, letter daily (regular readers know I love to do that, but I slip and don't do it.)
*read for fun (I have been working on it! I'm almost done with the scrapbook mystery I'm reading! A little each day would be so good for me!)
*blog (also something I enjoy, but "don't have time" to sometimes)

I was listening to a Vicky and Jen podcast about being happy. There were some great tidbits. One was about flexing our willpower muscles, which are like any other muscle. :) It was a great podcast with simple things we can do to think differently about our lives. One other tidbit I loved talked about our "bucket list" and how sometimes those include big things we want to do like go visit other countries, or climb mountains. Other bucket lists... those things we would want to do if we knew we only had 6 months to live... drive our kids in carpool every chance we got... thinking about that kind of list makes your perspective change. It did mine, at least. :) I really enjoyed it and I hope you get a chance to check it out, too.

I hope you have a wonderful day, too, Reader!

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow Jen -- sounds like you're whipping yourself right into shape! I'd be happy if I could just keep up with running LOL. Good Luck with your goals this month -- it will be fun to watch your progress.