Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18 2012

I was doing so well, and then halfway through March I missed a post, and then another.

Friday wasn't a great day. All was going normally until I got to school. I pulled into the lot, drove slow, since children would soon be coming out for recess, as always. I saw a teacher with her hands full, still traveling slowly. I pulled into my usual spot on the left, being careful not to hit the car parked on my left. I inched forward, then, I'm still not quite sure what happened. My foot went from the break to the gas-just slipped, as if my shoes were wet on slippery pavement. But I didn't realize what was happening until my car had lurched forward with great force and speed. My van rammed into a big cement culvert/planter thing. Of course the heavy cement thing didn't move, no give at all. My car crunched and my stomach lurched. I got out and at first glance it looked as if just the bumper was effected... Then a blue, funny smelling liquid started leaking out. It was coolant. I had severely damaged the radiator, and probably other things.

I shakily called my husband. He was calm and helpful-as I burst into tears, with shaky hands and racing heart. A male teacher arrived, looked in the car and helpfully called AAA to come tow my car. Then I cried some more. It is at the dealer, awaiting an appointment. The probably won't get to it until Monday evening at the earliest, and it will likely cost a LOT of $. So frustrating. I said I still couldn't figure out what happened. My coworker said, "That's why they call it an accident." :)

My husband came and got me from work, which delighted the students to get to see him. Then my oldest daughter and I went to a ladies' night of worship at our church together. She was so excited to go and I was glad for that.

So, Friday was no running, no ab exercises, no blogging... just tears and Bible. :)

I hope your weekend started better than mine, Dear Reader! :)

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Molly said...

Oh Jen! So sorry you had to start your w.e. like that! I'm never allowed to forget my incidents/accidents with motorized vehicles.....Could be a blog post about them some day. If they provided my blog friends with as much mirth as they do my family it would be worth the humiliation! Hope the insurance covers most of it for you!