Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March 7, 2012

Well, I missed the abs yesterday, but my meals were delightfully healthy. Until some tortilla chips in the evening.
Well, today was a new day, right?
I read for fun, I'm blogging now, I wrote my mom a birthday card, I read the Bible {Philippians 12-18} and still, no ab exercises.

Sometimes things frustrate me..
Frustrating: making a mistake, fretting and sweating about it
Better: When the husband says don't worry about it...
In the end: the situation worked itself out-not perfectly, I had made a mistake, after all, but positively, I think.

Frustrating: when middle school students don't show respect
Better: when they show improvement and you can see you're making a real difference
In the end: I appreciate my job and these great kids-the opportunity to continue to encourage them to be wonderful people

Frustrating: dog having seizures
Better: seeing him feel better
In the end: he's back to his normal pest-self, trying to snag someone's food, barking like a crazy thing, and giving our other dog a hard time, but he isn't shaking and looking too old

Frustrating: the wind
Better: barreling through it on a run
In the end: being happy I got out there, even if it was shorter than I like

I think that's all for now... anything frustrating, or better for you?

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